• Yar Golf’s Secret Lab

    It has been said by numerous critics that Caleb Hannan focused far too closely on the personal life of his subject in this fairly controversial long read featured at Grandland, and while I’m not in a particularly good position to comment on the ethics of investigative journalism, it does seem to me that he didn’t delve terribly deeply into the company that builds the golf clubs in question. A consumer-minded skeptic might well have asked whether Yar Golf actually operates a physics laboratory, as they have claimed.

    If you visit the contact page at Yar Golf, you will see this image listed as the location of the “2012 Yar Golf’s Physics Lab, Location Classified.” Enlarged to full size, it looks as if the photo may have been manipulated:

    The actual building, as it turns out, is a dental office at 2600 American Road in Rio Rancho, just outside of Albuquerque. Here is how that building looks in reality:


    It is possible that Yar does have a secret laboratory, somewhere, and they are too clever or cautious to post a photo of it to the web. The alternative hypothesis bears consideration, however.

    (h/t Beaming Jam Shill)

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    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

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