• Chart of the Week – Feminism in waves

    For my last post of 2013, I give you someone else’s multicolored data-driven art, created from Google’s Ngram source data:

    Via Jasper Gregory

    Seriously, how awesome is this? While there may be conceptually distinct second and third waves in feminist scholarship, those waves cannot be distinguished from each other in terms of how often feminism is mentioned in these five languages, whereas it is quite easy to distinguish the first wave from the others. Incidentally, the second peak happened in 1996 or so, right around the time that Fredrickson and Roberts were authoring their seminal paper on objectification theory.

    Category: Damned Lies and StatisticsFeminism

    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

    Former fundie finds freethought fairly fab.
    • What’s with the French? Looks like they didn’t get the memo.

      • Stephan Brun

        Perhaps the others read English? 😀

      • You need to look at the total area size, rather than relative height, so the massive British 2nd wave distorts the picture. I am working on a new one.

      • Looking forward to it!