• A List of Known Sexists

    Joe McCarthy demonstrates how fabricate serious accusations

    I’ve been wondering whether to allow my old satirical blacklist to languish and fade, or whether to move it over here and continue updating it. Since the organizer of Women in Secularism has recently pointed out the need for a list of known sexists, I’ve decided to go ahead and rebrand and reconstitute the old list over here at Background Probability. Without further adieu, here is the new and improved list of known sexists:

    If you know of anyone that needs to be added to the list, please make a note of it in the comments. No pseudonyms will be accepted, since they aren’t necessarily unique individuals and as a numbers guy I’d really hate to be caught out double-counting.


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    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

    Former fundie finds freethought fairly fab.

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    • Ohh, I have a few more: Penn Jillette, Bill Maher, Integralmath/Justicar

      • Justicar isn’t eligible. Unless I can find a photo of him and Franc Hoggle together to prove they are different people.

        No idea why Jilette isn’t on there. My bad.

    • Ejaculata Lovetinkle

      Why isn’t Sam Harris on this list? PZ like *totally* hates him.

    • Damn it! Clearly I need to work harder. Does it help that Mel-sweetie has me blocked?

      • Chas Stewart

        Pshaw! I’m blocked by them all! Surly Amy even told another in their congregation (whom was speaking with me in pleasant tones at the time) that I might consider blocking “that bird one”. I was honored.

      • I know I’m blocked by oodles more. I just thought the recent blocking would give me that extra bump to be put on this list 😀

    • tim hem

      Chris Stedman (enemy of the hive)
      stef Mcgraw (obvious)
      Reap (forgot real first name) Paden (everything)

      • Not sure if Stedman has been accused of sexism just yet. I’ll ask Google about that. Definitely have to add Stef w/ an F.

    • Nym discriminating douche.

    • All I can say is I deny the accusation. I am a feminist to the core. What, do they want a blood sample or something? Would that even solve it?

      • John, “If you’re *so* innocent… why won’t you admit that you’re not?”

        Though I dislike being on a ‘body count’ list, I did think this one was funny. I only hope that it doesn’t accidentally get taken seriously. I know some people on this list are pseudo-blacklisted, and some are not. I wish I knew where I stand along that gradient.

      • For the record, I don’t want anyone to take this list at all seriously.

        Of course, it was all too easy to find accusations of sexism leveled against these folks, and many others whom I respect. That is actually a serious problem.

      • Vic

        What do you mean, not serious? These are obviously the people whose works I will have to follow for the future.

      • >>What do you mean, not serious?<<

        I mistakenly thought it could potentially confuse the newcomer, fence-sitter, or those not yet familiar with the last 18 months of drama. However, I just reread the whole thing and it's crystal clear that it's a joke when he says 'list of known sexists'. I must have skimmed over that opening paragraph somehow. I thought he was relying on people to simply know it was sarcastic.


    • In the long run it would probably be easier to compile a list of who isn’t a sexist.

    • Da fuck? I didn’t make it on the list? But I’m a MRA listed in the Dungeon! PZ can’t be wrong, can he?

      • I was wrong to leave you off the list. Anyone who slymeposts under their real name must be presumed sexist until proven penitent.

    • It sucks that you have to be a somebody in the community to make that list. I’d be honored to have my name sharing a list with those people.

    • Chas Stewart

      Hey, so if you try to click on the Melody Hensley link in the article and you find that you are blocked, might you be a sexist?

    • An Ardent Skeptic

      Brian Dunning for his sexist cover art on an album:


      Ben Radford for his take on the Riley video and pink dolls:


      James Onen at Freethought Kampala for Elevatorgate Part 2:


      Miranda Celeste Hale for being a gender traitor and posting at the Slimepit.

      Your list shows our stunning lack of ability to engage in rational debate. It’s embarrassing and pathetic! I appreciate your humor, Damion, but this list is, overall, a pretty sad statement about how we are just as capable of behaving like the religious fundamentalists we rail against.

    • Copyleft

      Okay, I see where this is going… another fund-raising stunt. How much to get added to the list?

    • Clare45

      Have you thought of having a special conference for male skeptics and those on the list could be the speakers.-maybe call it Skeptimen?

      • Chas Stewart

        Why would we leave behind the chill girls and gender traitors?

      • Clare45

        Oops! Silly me. I would exclude myself.

    • Oh, Damion, you’re a regular Elia Kazan 😉 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elia_Kazan#HUAC_testimony

      • That’s it, you’re going on the list. :p

      • I figured that my presence was implied anyway (^‿^) & On a slightly more serious note, I’ll let the character-from-The Crucible-who-shares-my-last-name put in a few relevant words here (from Act II of The Crucible):

        Hale: There is a prodigious fear of this court in the country.

        (Judge) Danforth: Then there is a prodigious guilt in the country. Are you afraid to be questioned here?

        Hale: I may only fear the Lord, sir, but there is fear in the country nevertheless.

        Danforth: Reproach me not with the fear in the country; there is fear in the country because there is a moving plot to topple Christ in the country!

        Hale: But it does not follow that everyone accused is part of it.

        Danforth: No uncorrupted man may fear this court, Mr. Hale!

      • Damning, but subtle. I strongly approve.

    • I think I need an upgrade, dude. I have been bestowed with ‘Scepter of the Grand Order of Cunting and Twatting,’ the much coveted ‘White Cock Of Authority.’

    • bluharmony

      You’re leaving our the witty and charming Lucy Wainright (sp?), retweeted by Dawkins when she said that maybe atheists don’t call her names because she doesn’t automatically assume they’re misogynists (at which point those non-misogynist atheists apparently started calling her sexist names). Benson wrote a whole diatribe about her. And then one about me within the next day or so.

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    • jjramsey

      I noticed that this list mixes the likes of Franc Hoggle — the author of such lovingly titled posts as “Stefanny Zwan’s Vibrator Is Broken” — with those such as Sara Mayhew and Harriet Hall. Then again, I gather that lumping in the felons with those who have done little to nothing wrong is part of the point.

    • nospampls

      for defending following AngrySkepchick, against groupthink, against being bullied on twitter.


      Roy — ‘Go look at FTB and/or Skepchick threads on the topic. It
      happens all the time. I myself was called a rape apologist multiple
      times. AWESOME.’
      Dale Roy — ‘I hope she plans un following all of her Skepchick friends who follow “Pissy Skeptic Man”.’
      Hill — ‘I’ve been following a twitter account that the skepchicks have
      deemed “hateful” and I replied to it with a link which was deemed
      “promoting”. Accordingly, I “should be embarrased”.’
      Jason Loxton
      Reed Esau — ‘Manufactured drama. If following==endorsement then I’d be chopping down my social media contacts to nearly nil.’
      Tana Owens
      Rachael Dunlop — ‘I also like the AVN on Facebook. And I follow Homeopathy Plus etc etc Get a fucking grip. Srsly’
      Barbara ‘unnecessarily vicious’ Drescher

      • nospampls

        formatting fucked, sorry.

        Claus Larsen
        Naomi Baker
        Barbara Drescher — ‘My bottom line has always been that attention to appearance and gender are a piss-poor way to sell science and skepticism AND they are a piss-poor way to promote gender equality.’
        Michael McRae

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    • The sockpuppet. You forgot the sockpuppet…B-)

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    • Can I get on there? I’m sure I’ve said something less than glowing about SOME woman, SOME time. Look, I’ve been rude about Karen Armstrong, does that count?

    • ScentedNectar

      You wrote: “No pseudonyms will be accepted, since they aren’t really individual people, so far as I can tell.”

      I’m every bit as real a person, as the ones who uses their “real life” name. For almost 20 years, I’ve been known as Scented Nectar on the internet. Feels kind of like a “fuck you, you’re not even a real person” to those of us who have held long term pseudonyms.

      I notice you’re fine with some pseudonyms though, the ones made to sound like they’re real names, eg: Franc Hoggle.

      • Sorry, no ‘nyms. The list gets way too crowded once you include all the assholes hiding behind the veil of anonymity. Not saying you’re one of those, but have to draw the line somewhere.

        Also, and this should be obvious, gratuitous accusations of sexism and misogyny have relatively no effect on those who cannot be identified as actual persons. People like Abbie Smith and Justin Vacula face a far greater risk of personal and professional harm.

      • ScentedNectar

        So we’re not real people, and we’re often assholes? As for greater risk, I thought your list was merely “known sexists” as a fun joking around blogpost. It was not at all “obvious” that you were listing them because of “greater risk”. I think you thought up that afterwards, since it was never the topic in your article.

        Whatever. I’ll keep out of conversations with you from now on, now that I know you think pseudonyms indicate assholes who are not real people.

      • When something becomes the target of satire, usually it is because the author believes it to be harmful in some way. The harm in blacklisting “known sexists” falls far harder on people whose actual names and reputations are on the line than it does on those who are protected by pseudonymity.

    • Chas Stewart

      My favorite part of this entire post that everyone is so in love with is “Daniel Dennett (part of the problem)”

      So damn funny.

    • I’m a bit late to this. I almost spat out my coffee when I read I was on this list for “bitching and tarting”. “How did they know my full name is spelt with a ‘ph’?”, I thought. Then I remembered the world doesn’t revolve around me and there might be other, far more notable people in the world with my name. D’oh!

      Also I haven’t done any bitching and tarting in years. Not in public anyway.

    • EllenBeth Wachs

      You are being a slacker not adding me to the list.

    • HWCWTD .

      Hey, just wondering as to what the purpose of this list is?