• Oklahoma Atheists Godcast #79 – Ed Clint and the Skeptic Ink Network

    My brother-in-law, co-executive deputy producer of the Godcast, interviews the blogmaster himself, Skeptic Ink co-founder Edward Clint.  Ed explains his history in the movement, why he and John Loftus decided to create a new network of bloggers and how he and John hope to maintain a network of positive, skeptical thinkers who are willing to explore any thoughts/philosophies being bounced around in the movement. They also touch on Atheism+ and Ed Clint’s run in with a certain memetic contagion.

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    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

    Former fundie finds freethought fairly fab.
    • Edward Clint

      Thanks for posting this Damion. This was recorded 2 weeks before the relaunch when many things changed, but hopefully it all holds up.

    • John W. Loftus

      Wonderful interview! Thanks.

    • CJ

      Co-executive deputy director? How about adding a few more terms to that title.

      Seriously though, I listened last week and Chas did a good job. I made sure to tell him so.

      • Producer, CJ. He’s one of three deputy producers with an executive role. Chris [REDACTED] is the lead producer, we all work for him.

    • Excellent interview!