• A satanic bikini

    I’m not in the swimsuit industry, but I just learned of the existence of this garment that will keep both religious zealots and SJW puritans away. It’s like a lucky charm!

    Hail Satan! And hail your bikini this year with a five-pointed star bikini by Etsy shop DiktatorFashionLab. The pentagram bikini sells for $139.03 plus shipping.

    I can only imagine this swimsuit will make for some interesting tan lines this Summer.

    As a side note: not only does DiktatorFashionLab make pentagram swimwear, but also pentagram lingerie if you’re interested in some Satanic sexytime. Check ‘em out.

    What a perfect way to keep those creeps away when on vacation!

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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    • If this were in a more flattering cut, I know plenty of people who’d rock this. Heck, they’d wear it the way it is.