• On cultural appropriation

    I have the right to dress up however I want, and if that offends someone, that’s their problem — I won’t be held accountable for the teeny tiny whiny feelings of other people, just like I don’t hold anyone else responsible for my own feelings.

    If you don’t like it —or the fact that I will appropriate other cultures (whatever that means)— you can, with all due respect, GFY.

    (This post was ‘triggered’ by a post on Why Evolution Is True discussing a Times article about how some Latinos were offended when some other guys chose Mexican culture as Halloween costumes | image: Wikipedia)

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    • Meanwhile in Oklahoma

      To think some people are offended by mere cultural appropriation.

    • I used to argue with my ex about cultural appropriation all the time. The incident that sticks in my mind is when Miley Cyrus was accused of appropriating black culture by twerking. Leaving aside every other problem with this perspective, I was astounded that she didn’t realise how insulting it is to consider ass shaking part of “black culture”.