• My Muhammad depiction — 2015 Edition

    Today is Draw Muhammad Day 2015!

    But before I show you what I did for this year, I want to say a few words that should be more than enough for any civilized person who has not lived under a rock so far in 2015 to understand the paramount importance of drawing any concept without pandering to the ridiculous restrictions of barbaric superstitions: Charlie Hebdo, Copenaghen, Garissa, Tunis, Garland.

    So here’s my contribution for this year:


    Long ago I accepted that I simply lack the skills to manually draw something fairly consistent and communicate that way — fortunately I don’t completely suck at Photoshop.

    So what did you draw?

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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    • Jeff Pinner

      I have no drawing skills whatsoever, so I’ll just describe it:

      I’m thinking about a beautiful garden in which the Prophet is surrounded by 72 guys who have obviously blown themselves to paradise, with the 73rd guy standing in front of him, and the word balloon over the Prophet’s head says, “Finally the group is complete – listen up, guys. Look around. Your 72 virgins, as promised!”

      • This sounds hilarious!! I’d love it if someone with better drawing skills than us could draw such a scenario.

    • Pete A

      Jeff has epitomised my favourite (and only) motto: Be very careful what you wish for — it will very likely become literally true, but definitely not in the way in which you intended!

      Everyone who knows the joke about the guy who asked a very tired old genie to grant his wish, then received an ostrich and a cat, will fully understand the above motto 🙂

      • Hehehe, I’m familiar with the joke (in Spanish is a bit different, but the morals of the story is the same)

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    • ThePrussian

      Respect. Very well done indeed!