• Why jihadists hate the West?

    The most plausible explanation is offered by my friend Gabriel Andrade:

    In this discussion, it is pertinent to present the figure of Sayyid Qutb. The renewed Muslim fundamentalism in the late twentieth century owes much to this character. It was he who, in the mid-twentieth century, launched the movement that later would lead to the Muslim Brotherhood, and would then give ideological ammo to groups like Al Qaeda and Islamic Army.

    It is true that Qutb, whose work is vast, never made a call to kill innocents using terrorist tactics. But he did make a call to destroy the West. Long before Samuel Huntington made popular his thesis about the clash of civilizations, it was Qutb himself who hypothesized that a confrontation was inevitable. Why was it necessary to destroy the West? Qutb does not offer the typical responses of the leftists (in fact, he was executed by Nasser, a dictator pretty much spoiled by the left!). For Qutb, invasions, supporting dictators, and the exercise of imperial power, is just a minor reason. The real reason for his crusade is the moral decline of the West.

    Qutb was visiting the US, and he was horrified to see that adolescent boys were dancing with the girls (this was mid-twentieth century, certainly today he would be more horrified with reggaeton!). From that very traumatic experience, he wanted to save the Muslim world from Western depravity. His enemy, then, was not just the US, France or England, typical imperial powers. It was also Switzerland, Luxembourg, Andorra, small countries that do not exert any imperial predation, but whose culture is offensive enough to warrant their destruction. Why did Muslim fundamentalists place a bomb in a nightclub in Bali? Has the Indonesian government extracted oil from other Muslim countries they invaded? No: the terrorists placed a bomb at the club, precisely because they hate clubs!

    The fundamental error of leftists like Chomsky is not realizing that the values they defend, are a source of hatred for the Muslim fundamentalism and that the imperial predation is just a minor reason. The traditional left has advocated a secular state, the promotion of science, women’s liberation, sexual liberation, artistic creation, etc. The Muslim fundamentalism hates all that. Mark Steyn summed it up very comically like this: the jihadist will be very willing to kill Susan Sontag (a prominent American leftist) before she has enough time to say “But wait, I’m on your side!“.

    In one sentence, it is the hatred of freedom.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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    • Michael R

      The root cause of Islamic violence is the role model of the prophet Mohammed. There are 90 verses in the Koran which implore Muslims to imitate Mohammed (“a beautiful pattern of conduct”). Islam is defined as the worship of Allah, and the imitation of Mohammed.

      Anyone who reads the life of Mohammed and comes away with the idea that Islam is a “religion of peace” has a lot of explaining to do. As Sam Harris said: Osama bin Laden is giving a truly straightforward version of Islam, and you really have to be an acrobat to figure out how he is distorting the faith.

      The last 13 years of the Mohammed’s prophet tenure was spent as a warlord, the details of which are not dinner party conversation: head chopping, sex slavery, ad nauseam. Sayyid Qutb and all the Muslim fundamentalists are essentially reverting to Islam as defined by Mohammed and his early followers. Monkey see, monkey do.

      When you compare the lifes of Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed, you don’t need any further explanation for why one religion is far more violent than the others. Read their biographies to a 5th grader, and even they can see that one is a far more violent role model than the others.

      • Hi @disqus_hvisxO7HVA:disqus, thanks for your comment. I couldn’t agree more

    • I love that Gabriel worked in a reference to reggaeton as the ultimate expression of artistic and sexual freedom in the free West. Ya tu sabes!