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    • Tony_Lloyd

      Has he seen it though?

      I’ve seen precious little of the political classes claiming that this is “nothing to do with” Islam. Cameron’s use of the term “Islamist extremist terrorist threat” suggests that he does consider terrorism and Islam to have links. Why would Eric Pickles write to 1000 Muslim “leaders” if he were trying to make the case that it’s got nothing to do with Islam.

      There been some “true” versus “false” Islam stuff. I find that rather silly. There’s benign forms of Islam and malign forms of Islam, I don’t see that labeling either as “true” or “false” gets us anywhere beyond signifying that we get that there are plenty of Muslims who don’t want to chop our heads off despite the many who do.

      Silly, but not a denial of the Islamic aspect of recent atrocities.

      • Beg to differ.

        There’s no benign form of any kind of an irrational beliefs: all of them (all religions included) are malign by its own nature!

    • george orwell

      This should be required listening for every person who still suffers from a cranial-rectal inversion.

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