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    • rockhopperpenguin

      Although he is an anti-vaccine dimwit, but hey that’s free speech.
      His to to talk nonsense and mine to call him a dim-wit (but who gets more prominence? I’d suggest he needs less than me!).

      • Yes, he’s anti-vaccines (and anti-GMOs, for that matter). That’s why I wrote “when it comes to free speech”.

        I guess you only quote people you agree a 100% with on everything. Funny that!

        • rockhopperpenguin

          I hadn’t actually quoted anyone. I was trying to make an obviously too subtle comment about the weight attached to what I say and what he says. There are plenty of other people with similar views on free speech who don’t peddle nonsense which also causes people to die. Your post did appear rather laudatory towards Mr Maher and if that was not your intenetion then I apologise.

    • ML Kyte

      The catholic church has a long, storied history of dealing with free speech. Pope isn’t exactly the best guy to speak on the virtues of free speech.

    • Fred Dumbar

      Boycotting companies is a perfectly acceptable method of voicing free speech. It’s one of the few ways consumers can voice free speech. Not spending money at a particular company is my right.

      • When they’re portrayed fairly, sure it is.

        What Greenpeace or Rebecca Watson do, misleading their fans with straw man fallacies in order to boycott someone or a company is not acceptable. Not to me, anyway.