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    • Kira Des

      He’s very brave. Every time I start losing trust in liberals, I remind myself of people like Maher, Dawkins, Harris and Hirsi Ali who consistently stand up against Islam despite vicious criticism from both the far-right (muslims) and authoritarian far-left (cultural relativists). I hope more liberals see the light of the day.

      • ThePrussian

        Very much agreed. Would only posit that it is those of us on the democratic and free market right who have been fighting this battle most of all.

        • european

          free market right? LOL? As I just LOLed over that term, my focus went to the right side and there was a title “Believing Bullshit”. Free markets belong to this type of bovine excrements. Markets are nothing sui generis but exist because humans decide to trade good X for either good Y or universally accepted surrogate Z (= money). There are no markets without rules. As somebody callng yourself Prussian, you might most likely be aware of the different nature of the German economy, which would be derided as communist if somebody wanted to make the same laws in the USA. Yet they suffered least from the global recession caused by giving “free market” advocates in bed with bankers. Free markets is a propaganda term to steal money from the middle class. And we can look at history what produces the best results for human wellbeing. For completely underdeveloped societies, a mostly collectivised economy is best but only till a certain level of developement. Beyond it, it will lead to stagnation and in many cases also decrease in quality of life so the state actively needs to open more sectors for private competition. The active+participatory and controling role of the state is important in that. You can see it in how soviet-type communist countries transitioned. Countries where everything was just sold out to investors failed (Russia, Ukraine etc.) whereas the states where the state took an active role in creating private sector industries can be seen in China and Vietnam. Currently Cuba is doing cautionary privatisation and it also increases life quality. Free markets? Fuck it. Markets are a way of distribution that are useful for some goods and horrible for others.

        • I wouldn’t know whose on the democratic and free market right (for all I know is just Penn & Teller and you). As long as someone is standing up for civil liberties, he’s on my side of such issue, even if I am a social-democrat, lib-dem, Economic Keynesian kinda guy.

      • My kind of liberals, as well 🙂

    • ThePrussian

      Great minds think alike!

      • And I’m guessing the contrary is also true: little minds also think alike. Take a look at the FtBullies crowd. They’re evidence of this!

    • guerills surgeon

      Lost much of my respect for Ma when I found out he didn’t believe in vaccinations. Probably on balance does more damage than good.

      • Well, he’s not a fully committed antivaxxer, but he did state some bullshit about a vaccine. I lost my respect for him as well when it comes to eco-taliban issues and the naturalistic fallacy, but I love the work he’s done on religion.

        No one is perfect, right? Not even Christopher Hitchens was, although he was pretty close!