• Catholicism declining in Latin America

    A survey about Catholicism in Latin America, by Latinobarómetro, shows a declining trend:

    But there is not much to cheer about. Latin Americans who have left Catholicism, have replaced it by other kind of superstition more or less equally absurd:

    The process of secularization that might have happened with increased wealth has not happened as in other parts of the world. Latin America remains a region where religion is predominant for the vast majority of the population of each country with the exception of Uruguay.

    What we see is a migration of religions more than a secularization process, a counterintuitive phenomenon when compared to the development of other societies such as European ones.

    Societies condemned to live in ignorance and failure; the flavor (Catholicism or Protestantism) is just anecdotal.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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    • ThePrussian

      Sorry, didn’t quite get that – is it protestant sects that are replacing the Catholics?

      Interesting post.

      • Yes, Catholics are becoming protestants… hence Catholicism is going down, but it’s not good news for us, anyway.

    • Renato Pascon

      Here in Brazil, catholicism was the dominant religion up until the late 90s when a sudden boom from protestant, anglican and other christian religions happened, mostly in the poor parts of the country.
      The common explanation for this change was the fact that catholicism promises an afterlife of joy, while these other religions promise prosperity within this lifetime.
      Nonetheless, atheists are also growing, but are still a very tiny portion of people.

    • Peter

      It will be interesting if they take this poll a couple of years from now and see the effect of Francis. I have seen reports where Catholics are returning to the church because of him. I think Christianity will remain strong in Latin America for some time to come for various reasons but principally because of poverty and inequity.

      • I think Francis will help stop the decline too. But it’s not like people were becoming rational or something

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