• Animal advocates advocate for writer’s suffering

    Valparaíso region in Chile is having one of the country’s fiercest fires. People have lost relatives, friends and their belongings.

    Amidst this tragedy, writer and journalist Rafael Gumucio tweeted this opinion, which was not well received by animal advocates:

    Some hipsters went to save kittens and dogs while Valparaíso was burning and thousands of their countrymen fighting for their lives. #embarrassment

    That’s all it took for animal activists to justify such a behavior and go after him, threaten him and even wish for his daughters to die. So… animals are as important as humans when it’s about saving them, but when humans say something animal activists dislike, killing those animals is fair game. (I know, I know – animal advocates advocating for the suffering and death of human animals is not new)

    I don’t know how many more cases we need to see before calling animal advocacy for what it really is, misanthropy, but I do know I’m sticking to my anthropocentrism: loving human kind first and foremost, a better source of ethics. That’s Huminsm 101.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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    • Awelito

      This title… It starts by a generalization. Plural. How stupid and yellowish is that.

      First: If you should know the awful quality of journalism at CL, maybe you’d understand why journalists aren’t respected. There hasn’t been any journalist since end of dictatorship “worth of respect”.

      Chilean people are VERY prone to help each another. It, because they had to deal with countless disasters on its history, including the most powerful earthquake ever registered.

      Unlike your country, David, chilean people has not so much tolerance with animal cruelty -quite common on dictatorship-. This correlation brought a lot of sensitiveness. They are used to help both animals and people on tragedies. Some disagree with that. And some fewer, -fortunately- reacts with verbal violence. Almost always, death threats on CL, although taken seriously, are used to be nothing but loudmouths’s speech.

      • Ricardo Palacios

        The Chilean people are very prone to help each another?… I´m disagree with that. I´m chilean, I witness about the help in Chile, and this begins to disappear with decreasing media coverage, and attention of politicians or pressure for solve it. It means to higher attention from the media and policymakers: many help… and higher levels of good feelings. Less atention… less help, an less pressure for solve it. If the claims for help for the victims or injured persist in the time; the people start get angry, suspicious, and they believe that the condition of the victims it is their own responsibility; like poverty.

        If the catastrophe of the fire in Valparaiso has displaced the situation from people damaged from earthquake in north, is not because the fire was more catastrophical than earthquake. Is for cause of the coverage from the media and the policymakers. The victims is not only valparaiso… also are victims the people in wait for help in north. The solidarity is only temporary, is not permanent.

        On Gumucio issue; is it same situation… theses animal advocates are mostly interested in reacts with loudly verbal violence in the network, than increase and prolong the help to people or animals. Here is not mater the awful quality of journalist or the statemens from these guy… There Is not decent arguments to reply situation. The public reacts like a thought dictatorship.

        • Awelito

          “Thought dictatorship”… Agree.

          Help is directly linked to media coverage… Agree too. But it does not happen only at Chile. Also, there are reports of a few prominent politicians working hard on site, that didn’t came calling press to document them showing a protocolary picture with a shovel at hand.

          In comparison to another countries at LA, you will *never* see the amount of willingness to help in this kind of situations among the people as chilean people has. Colombia -David Osorio country’s-, is not even worth to mention on this topic. But necessary as a reminder. Seriously.

          Sure, probably there are some “animal lovers” who doesn’t give a shit for real, but troll anything not totally sync’d with their ideology.

          But there’s something worth to be noted: Gumucio threw the stone first. He generalyzed. He blatantly disrespected the work of the people working for animal rescue; like it or not, that’s part of the rescue work, too. He also ignored deliberately most animal rescue work on last years come from social media. He insulted them, treating them as “snob hipsters” -Very very often, animal lovers come from working classes-. Add to this mix some uneducated trolls, omnipresent, and here that’s what you have.

          Way easier was to have said: “Right now, there are more people than animals waiting for help”. Period.

          Words are cheaper by dozen. Even more for a journalist.

          • If you’re not a snob hipster, why would you ever feel offended by Gumucio’s words?

      • That’s how titles work.

        So… you had good journalist during the dictartoship? Weren’t all of them killed? Hmmm!

        This post says nothing about Chilean people. The fact this happened in Chile is just anecdotic. It has nothing to do with countries.