• Shame on Mormonism (and Facebook)


    I hold free speech as one of the pillars of civilization, so whenever I come across content being censored by religious communities or any other kind of movement based on irrational beliefs, I repost it.

    So I’m reposting the Shame on Mormonism billoboard image Mormons had Facebook remove and shut down the group where it was published. The excuse? They were offended! Well, facts can be offensive when you have an irrational worldview you hold sacred, too freaking bad for you!

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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    • Sonny Moonie

      I thought the graphic was a statement of the policies of atheists.org. I guess it’s not.

      • Why would you think that?

        • Sonny Moonie

          The first two lines are like rules, excluding some others, the next line is another statement against a group, and the signature line is “atheists.org” and some sort of anarchist/nuclear symbol. Of course I didn’t keep thinking that was what it meant. It was just a fleeting impression. However, it was interesting to me that that’s the tone that the graphic can be taken as having. It makes it easier to understand how it could get banned. Also it means it probably was a poor choice for a billboard, not sending a clear message that everyone would get in the time they see it.