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      I studied this cover very, very carefully. At length. And I STILL can’t see any indication that the central figure is supposed to the Virgin Mary of Biblical folklore.
      But hey, as long as people can find something to get self-righteously angry about…..

      • f_galton

        It’s a Virgin of Guadalupe parody.

        • So?

          • f_galton

            Read his comment.

            • I did. He doesn’t seem any resemblance.


            • f_galton

              He would see the resemblance if he looked up an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

            • If he doesn’t see any resemblance with the so-called virgin, what?

            • f_galton

              That doesn’t make sense.

      • Well, there’s some resemblance; and even if it was a parody, why would anyone respect other people’s beliefs and feelings!

        What an odd stance to take!