• Daily Mail Forced To Pay £125,000 to Psychic

    The Daily Mail was forced to pay fraudster psychic Sally Morgan £125,000 after she insisted for a year and a half that she wasn’t conning people (!):

    Sally Morgan is overjoyed to have won her libel action against the Daily Mail and to have restored her reputation and professional integrity. After an 18 month investigation into the work that Sally does, the newspaper was forced to make a full apology to Sally and pay her £125,000 in damages; one of the most substantial libel payments in recent history. Sally’s legal team, led by Graham Atkins of Atkins Thomson, and David Sherborne of counsel, describe the victory as an extremely significant result.

    “I bought this libel action against The Daily Mail not to be a spokesperson for mediums and mediumship, nor for financial gain, but for the simple reason of principle. I have done nothing wrong and deserve to have that acknowledged. I have never cheated.

    So, I’d love to know, if she’s being straightforward, why won’t she go for the James Randi Challenge and the Sisyphus Prize? That’s the best way of proving she’s not cheating.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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    • Many thanks for your article

      Let us suppose that I was making a fortune from disseminating misinformation and non-researched information. My increased credibility (gained by occasionally paying a bit of spare pocket money) from losing a low-cost libel claim could have a very positive financial reward. My audience would be delighted to find that “I always put my money where my mouth is by admitting, and paying for, my very occasional mistakes.” thereby confirming that I am indeed their trustworthy information provider.

      Just a thought, which is, of course, totally unrelated to either party involved in the subject of your excellent post 🙂

      • Well, of course, everyone should put their money where their mouth is. I agree with you on that!

    • MosesZD

      England really needs to fix it’s libel and slander laws. When a huxter can win a judgment against a newspaper for being a huxter… That’s just bizzare…

    • ThePrussian

      and here we’re forced to take the side of the Daily Mail. The Psychics really are low.