• Anthropocentrism as a Source of Ethics

    Mauricio-José Schwarz, a Mexican-Spanish freethinker, on anthropocentrism:

    Anthropocentrism is the human vision of reality which allows you, if you can only save a child or a rat from a fire, to have it clear that your moral responsibility is to save the child. If you think a rat is just like a child, then you will not know which one to save. So anthropocentrism is, among other things, a vision that is a source of ethics. And it has been used as a weapon by many misanthropes to justify their hatred of other human beings, especially those who have the big audacity to think differently of them, incidentally, source of a growing threat of violence against their peers, because they consider that killing one person is like killing a rat.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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    • Simon James

      And yet you are unable to ethically justify that anthropocentrism against the charge it arbitrary allows for discrimination against our evolutionary cousins. It is a left over from the idea that humans were made in the image of god, that us being Human gives us some special status. The only thing that makes us special are our advanced cognitive abilities, abilities we share on a spectrum with animals. Indeed many animals have a greater capacity of suffering than many humans. This overlap completely annihilates your arguments, and the only thing you have left is an arbitrary appeal to group membership, which you cannot even consistently apply since you disregard arbitrary discrimination based on group membership when it comes to gender or race or sexuality or age or disability.