• Jobseekers’ psychometric test “is a failure”

    Sometimes people admit they’re wrong:

    An American psychology organisation has told a UK government agency to stop using a personality test on jobseekers because it is a failure.

    The Behavioural Insight team, or “nudge” unit, which was created by David Cameron in 2010 to help people “make better choices”, has been accused by the Ohio-based VIA Institute on Character of bad practice after civil servants used VIA’s personality tests in pilot experiments in Essex despite being refused permission to do so.

    The £520,000-a-year Cabinet Office unit run by Dr David Halpern was told by VIA – whose members devised the personality test – to stop using the questionnaire because it had failed its scientific validation.

    That’s the spirit – if there’s no scientific validation, you should warn others about how this raises efficacy issues, meaning it doesn’t work.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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    • peter

      Recently I was offered a job after an almost 1 hour successful interview, pending the outcome of a “profile test” set up by the head office of that company.
      I originally agreed but after considering the info I had regarding unscientific nonsense those “profiles” perpetuate, I declined to participate, sacrificing a 20% raise in income.
      More should refuse to participate in such bullshit, maybe management gets the message to stop this nonsense.

      • Sorry about that! Did you tell them how wrong these kind of tests are?

    • florrie webster

      These tests are used in a lot of job interviews ,my daughter who is at university studying medicine,,has applied for jobs at a well known theme park and also at Boots chemist,she is on nationally gifted register and cant get a part time job.