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    • I think I have to stop listening to his rantings that seem to show more and more how in actuality utterly clueless a moron this man is.

      He seems to be more an adherent of the tea party, referring to liberal values when it suits him and abandoning those without qualms when not.

      His stupid comment regarding rape in Scandinavian countries is made from an utterly uninformed perspective – as is by the way some of his anti muslim rants – and just self serving to supply him ammunition against what he calls progressives.




      Apparently this idiot is unable to refer to resource from his own country – or maybe he lumps the BBC in as one of the “progressive” journalistic en-devours.

      He also does not have a fucking clue about Marxist Theory, being likely informed about the “evils” of Bolshevism (as utterly distinct from Marxist thinking) from right wing cold war manuals of the type I had to read when a member of the German army in the sixties (and a member of a ML Fraction in Germany. I had to heartily laugh about about how similarly distorted they had a view about a specific theory of political economy).

      This is a man not so much offensive, He is simply an idiot. He also seems to confuse sometimes – typical for a man that seems to think a rant is a reasoned argument – libertarians with liberals, and has a peculiar definition of “correct” being a progressive term, again confusing (which seems to be a permanent state for the poor bugger) it with – maybe – political correctness? Who knows but the mind of the poor sot (as defined in ME: fool, from Old English sott)?

      Contrary what he seems to imply – that correct means not doing the right thing, or means doing what is convenient to support ones ideology, he is almost as inventive as the catholic church in redefining meaning – some of the definitions for “being correct” mean: to make or set right, implies taking action to remove errors, faults, deviations, defects (Merriam Webster).

      I am all for having him put his mental acuity and capacity for short circuit thinking on display, as it will help to show him what he really is: an intolerant ranting pipsqueak (the adjective little is implied):
      A puny, weak, frail person; someone who can easily be defeated. An Unimportant, insignificant person. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pipsqueak
      one that is small or insignificant (Merriam Webster)
      Just to help him understand the term, which in general he seems to have problems with.

      Why however would a site that – again, I might be mistaken, as I had been on a different blog on the SI site – claims to be skeptical feature a person that:

      “released a video titled “No Mosque at Ground Zero”, in which he said
      that it was representative of Islamic triumphalism and that the United
      States would soon be on the verge of Islamization and have its freedoms
      trimmed, as Europe has”

      “as they are “governed… by primitive pigs whose only achievement in life is to be born with a penis in one hand and a Qur’an in the other.”

      and he is even stupid enough to play the Nazi card: “He compared the system of Sharia and the Muslims who endorse it to Nazi Germany.”

      Condell seems to me the equivalent of an atheist Glen Beck, I just do not have the need for such a figure representing and speaking formy atheist non believe in any form whatsoever.

      • Al

        Ah yes, Pat Condell, Anders Breivik’s favourite comedian. One of my favourite Condell moments was when he claimed all the rapists in Oslo were Muslim immigrants. Of course this turned out to be bullshit. You do know he is a UKIP voter and an EDL supporter, right?

      • I used to like Condell more, but I think you’re right. He’s going too far. I don’t agree with everything he says and I should have said so. I was wrong not to.