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    • Desperanto

      Just slap a sticker on it: Now with FEE horse meat!!
      Problem solved…

    • There is nothing wrong with horsemeat – I like it and have eaten it often. The problem is the labeling of the product, which was fraudulent, not the content.
      BTW – I eat beef rarely, i prefer game meat like deer (both white tail and mule deer, moose and bear) to any farm produced meat.

      • Ohh, sure – it was a fraud! It just isn’t dangerous… which doesn’t change the fact of it being a fraud!

      • Elk is divine. Kangaroo ain’t half bad. Yak is good. Llama excellent, if you slow cook it for a LONG time, for it is so tough that the one Inca word still common in English is jerky. And deer, yes, depending upon its diet and how you prepare it. And yeah, horse is extremely common in northern Italy, and quite tasty. But bear? Dude, I respect your broad-minded instincts, but in this case, I’ve gotta wince….eeewwwww.

        • Really? No bear? Why? That’s specism… or somethin’!!!

    • Maher can annoy as often as he hits the satire ball out of the park, and his PETA/vegan schtik can get tiresome (nor is it scientifically sound, despite his Rationalist/Atheist pretensions), but I think his thrust here was something else. First off, is there much difference between eating a horse or a cow? Fair question. Secondly, his larger point was about sustainability of the food supply — and in this instance, he is quite correct: beef culture is absolutely ruinous to other food resources, nor particularly flattering to the American waistline. A quadruple whopper or two per day isn’t a sustainable worldwide habit, until the tissue vats start producing something that tastes like…um….Secretariat.

      • Well, yeah – those are fair questions – but the GMO anti-science stance is just utterly misinformed!