• Doctors Gave You A Second Life, Malala!

    Remember Malala Yousafzai, the pakistani 14-year old girl shot in the head by the taliban?

    Well, she’s better now and has made her first public statement since the attack:

    In a short video recorded in the days before her most recent operations on Saturday, Malala said: “Today you can see that I am alive. I can speak, I can see you, I can see everyone and … I am getting better day by day. It’s just because of the prayers of people. Because all people – men, women, children – all of them have prayed for me.

    “And because of these prayers God has given me this new life … and this is a second life. And I want to serve. I want to serve the people. I want every girl, every child, to be educated.”

    I’m happy she survived and is doing well now and that she’s interested in keep on promoting education, and I don’t mean to come across as insensitive, but… I think this is rather naive and ungrateful. Doctors put their scientific knowledge into practice in order to save her. Where was god when she was shot?

    By the way, I’m quite sure there were also prayers for  the shot in her head to be successful, and since then, prayers for her to die. This god guy is quite indecisive; didn’t he have a plan or something? Ohh, I know – that plan involved a 14 year old getting shot in the head!

    Wow, how moral of him!

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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    • ThePrussian

      Well, good to hear that Malala is back

    • Jesus fucking christ, I really would wish there is a way for doctors to reverse any treatment for any idiot (and she obviously is one, no matter her stance on education) who is unthankful enough not to thank her doctors but a fucking god and ineffectual prayers.
      Then lets see if her fucking god and the prayers put her back again.
      What a slime bag.
      How I hate religion…

      • Ingemar Oseth

        Regardless of her religious beliefs, she is a child. Remember, religious fanatics attempted to assassinate her because she wanted girls and women to be educated. She is a voice of reason, while you spew hatred like a Taliban.

        • No she is definitely not a voice of reason when she is an ungrateful teenager stuck in her fucking religion, not able to see that the violence originates with that religion and was the cause of her suffering. It is after all the same god who on a daily basis effects the life of his sycophants.

          If she is thankful to god for her healing – why for fuck sake is she not similarly grateful for inflicting the pain on her?

          And yes, I am hateful towards any religion that twists the mind of its adherents to such an extend that basic logic this religion violates is simply not recognizable by it followers, leading to bullshit expressions of thanks not towards those who brought her to a country where she could be helped – there was no help in the fucked up country she comes from – or those who repaired her to a state where she can function again.

          She rather should have shut up instead of insulting those who helped her to voice words again and restored her hearing by giving thanks to a religious sock puppet called allah and minimizing and denigrating the efforts of those who really struggled to save her.

          She is a child but also a public figure through her struggle for education – that should give her pause to think really hard what she will be saying and how her words affect those around her.

          • Ingemar Oseth

            Thanks for proving yet again that religion does not hold a monopoly on raving, rabidly hateful fanatics. Hate speech regardless of form is repugnant to all reasonable, rational people.

            • I don’t think that was hate speech! @facebook-100002474391695:disqus is just upset, but calling it hate speech? Really?

          • ThePrussian

            I think that the phrase “piece of work” applies here. I entirely agree with you, Ingemar, but would ad that “Hate speech” is a tepid adjective here…

            • Yeah, I wouldn’t call it hate speech!

          • Ken Phelps

            In my path from fundamentalist teen to atheist adult I too had a time where I tried to reconcile the deeply ingrained emotions of my childhood with my growing appreciation for learning about reality. She is 14. She was raised in a culture steeped in religion. She is trying, at the risk of her own life, to learn.

            Please stop embarrassing yourself.

            • Well, emotions help the message get through.

        • I wouldn’t go that far as to call her a voice of reason. It’s less unreasonable than fanatics, but that’s it.

      • Hahaha, I call dibs on being in the review board!!

    • Perhaps, with time and education, she will learn that prayer has no effect and thanking God is pointless.

    • Darth Cynic

      Sorry, bit late to the show but this expressed gratitude towards the benevolence and intercession of allah with no mention about the work of mortals had me wondering. Obviously great store is placed in this deity by her and I wondered if were she convinced in some manner that allah did ‘not’ want her to be educated, not speak out and remain in a traditionally expected role, well would she happily acquiesce to the will of god?