• Femen Topless in The Vatican!

    Four FEMEN’s activists (real feminists; not drama and clay-jewel manufacturer ones) protested topless during Pope Benedict XVI’s Angelus telling Ratzinger to shut up and calling him out on his homophobia:

    FEMEN sextremists have thwarted Sunday mass of the Pope in Vatican. They have stripped on the Saint Peter’s Square and were screaming “Shut up!” to the Pope. FEMEN in Vatican have closed the Pope’s mouth. The old eunuch Ratzinger has started his Angelus and on the fourth minutes sextremists have started their protest “In gay we trust!”. The protest is against main ideologist of europian homophobia. Pope uses the Nazi rhetoric in his preachings of the hatred – “Gay Marriage is A Threat To ‘Future Of Humanity”, he said. And he calls for a new witch-hunt. FEMEN requires Vatican to stop the incitement of the middle-age fire of intolerance regarding to dissent and sexual freedom. “A threat to “Future of Humanity” is religious fanaticism and the “sacred” celibacy. In Gay We Trust!


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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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    • MosesZD

      But are there elevators in the Vatican?

      • Hahahaha! I don’t know! I don’t think so!

    • rg57

      Would real feminists adopt this logo? (seen at femen.org/front/images/header/femen-sait-02.jpg ) Would anyone else get away with such a hateful and violent message?

      As a gay person, I don’t want these people supporting me. I totally reject their involvement.

      • Vic

        It’s in the good tradition of every equal rights movement. Have you forgotten the famous picture of Martin Luther King on which he tailors a mantle out of the skin of a white oppressor?

        • I didn’t know about this! Could you give me a link to that pictures, please?

          • Vic

            I am slightly confused, because your response seems to lack any irony.

            M.L. King never used the skin of white people to make clothes. D:

            I’m sorry if I wrote it in an ambiguous way, I thought it was obviously not serious!

      • Point taken!

    • Vic

      I just hope my grandma doesn’t see this. She kneels before a portrait of
      the pope every morning and her heart isn’t what it used to be…

      Regardless, I think it’s good the “look away” attitude many moderates have concerning the Vatican gets a bit shaken up. Not sure if the guys with the big hats really mind the toplessness as much as femen might think, but at least it gets media attention.

      There’s a movement of catholic priests in Germany who support married priests, female priests, liberal attitude towards divorce etc. but of course, the council of bishops shuns and silences them at every opportunity on behest of the Vatican. Yet, as much sympathy I have for them, I’m not sure if campagining in the nude would be the right course for these elderly men… :/

      • I think your grandma’s safe!

        Why are those Catholic priests still Catholics?!? I wonder!

        • Vic

          They say they want to reform the Church from within, they are still faithful to the Church and the papacy but think it needs to modernise to retain a meaningful connection to modern christians.

          Those that cause too much ruckus are usually expelled or sent to another country.

          In any way, them staying catholic priests means they think they are the “right voice” within that organisation and they want to keep their influence within that. Too bad the current pope is so conservative and smacks the liberals down.

          On the other hand, there’s open opposition like the “Association of catholic priests and their women” – Vereinigung katholischer Priester und ihrer Frauen – vkpf.de – which criticises the church and gives counsel to priests who found a partner (I like how they mention “Lebenspartnerin/Lebenspartner” explicitly, which is female and male form of partner).

          • Popes are supposed to be conservative. Otherwise, god calls them while they’re misterously young!

            Good luck to them with that, I like them better than the average Catholic priest!