• Jerry Coyne, Over Here!

    I have been following Why Evolutions Is True, Jerry Coyne‘s blog, for quite some time now, I really like what he blogs about -especially his defense of scientism- and I’m due to read his book.

    Anyway, he has just returned from II Mexico’s Atheist Colloquium. After that, he was interviewed by Glenys Álvarez, a Dominican Republic science journalist who has made herself a name within the Spanish-speaking Atheist community.

    As it so happens, Glenys is friends with Bogotá Atheists and Agnostics Association’s President -they’ve been writing Sin Dioses blog for ten years now- so he asked her to ask Dr. Coyne if he had thought coming to Colombia. He had no idea we even existed… but now he knows!

    So, if someone would be kind enough to let him know not only do we exist, but we would love to have him come over and that now he can keep abreast with our activities and activism, just by following this blog, I’d be really appreciate it! I think he’d be thrilled to know we went to the DARWIN Exhibit the other day.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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    • Yes, I’d be delighted to visit Colombia (I was there to give a science talk last year); Bogota is a great city. Of course, you guys would have to foot the bill!

      • Ohh, I didn’t know you had been already here. Turns out, Bogotá Atheists and Agnostics Association has been in existence just for four months!

        Anyway, I talked to the guys and we would love to have you here by the end of 2013, if fund-raising goes well!

        Have a good one, Jerry Coyne!

        Big fan of yours,


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