• I Wish A† Was Dead

    Since my previous post on Atheism Plus, I thought I wouldn’t be writing anymore about it, but here I am doing so.

    I read what SoggyMog wrote about the A† last rites, and it happens to have something to do with me:

    In case my contempt is not clear on this point; the “feminists” behind Atheism Plus started out trying to tell us they were going to help gay and bi people, transsexual and transgender people, black people, Latino people and other groups underrepresented in the atheist movement. They used that platform to bitch about men trying to make conversation with them in public places.  No one should be more pissed off with them than the people they co-opted, shamelessly exploited, and then ignored.

    Once it had stopped pretending to care about gay people, black people and transgender people, Atheism Plus was supposed to be about helping women to feel safe in the atheist community. Not only did many of us feel perfectly safe already, but those of us who’ve had the temerity to point this out have rather amusingly then found ourselves experiencing abuse and anger from other members of the atheist community for the very first time.

    Exactly my point. I am Latino, and I never asked for these people to come and tell others I am a victim of them. I look up to Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins, and suddenly they’re being told they are discriminating me? Seriously?

    Thank you very much, but, as Vjack said, I got my own mouth and I don’t need anyone speaking on my behalf! I can do that on my own quite well. Further more – I wouldn’t want any of these people speaking for me!

    Some think we’re done with A†, but I am skeptical – I’m afraid we haven’t seen the last of them.

    By the way, last time I didn’t mention this, but I think we, at the Atheist/Skeptic community, are in debt with Stef McGraw, as she was bullied and very few people were brave enough to support her then. I think we should have been there for her, and for what it’s worth, I’m sorry it took me so long to see these people are toxic and allergic to people dissenting.

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    • Ya tu sabes.

    • zenspace

      What happened to Stef McGraw was the bellwhether for all that was to follow. In defense of those who didn’t stand up at the time, I think everyone was caught completely off guard by the act and frankly, a bit stunned by it. Also, I don’t think many appreciated that it was such a solid indicator of the behavior and, ironically, the sense of righteous privilege that lies at the center of FTB/A†. The few times I’ve brought that example of priviledged behavior, A† supporters seem to have no knowledge of the event – or it is just a convenient blind spot.

      The group is not dead by any means, although (wishful thinking aside) a better analogy might be that it is on life support. The membership growth has pretty much leveled off, but still shows a trickle of growth. I suspect most of the registered accounts are not used, however. I pop over to the forum page from time to time and have never seen more than 35 or so active users. They have done a pretty remarkable job of alienating pretty much every major supporter outside of FTB and their active membership.

      I wouldn’t turn my back just yet, though. I suspect (as do others) that one of the primary motivations of the power players here is to be in control of the convention speakers market – the new ‘movement’ was simply a gambit towards that end. I would be keeping a very wary eye open on any behind-the-scenes lobbying efforts to control speaker engagements. I predict that is where you will see them show up next.

    • Vic

      “I wish A+ was dead”
      Take care, they’ll interpret that as a death threat.

      • I’d be offended if they didn’t 😛