• I Will Attend Church


    I have decided to begin attending church with my wife and our three children.

    This is no New Year’s resolution. Nor does it signal a change in my negative assessment of Christianity or religion generally.

    This is, instead, about being with my wife and kids. It is about showing my support and love for them.

    They need me, I believe, and they need me to be part of the journeys they take, even if the paths they have chosen are not what I would choose for myself. I have seen than I cannot not be with them.

    So, I will go to church services, sit quietly and respecfully, smile, and be present with my family. I am in no danger of ever becoming a believer, and I could never, ever accept Christianity. If going to church is a sacrifice, then I am sacrificing.

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    Article by: Larry Tanner

    • Facundo Battocchio

      Good for you, man! I hope everything goes well.

    • I have no qualms with this. It’s respectable. When getting to know a Christian girl that I was madly interested in, she asked me how it would work out practically. Would I go to church with her? My answer: of course! If it means that much to someone I want to dedicate my life to, then you’re damn right.

      I live without religion, hence religion doesn’t hinder me. This would just be another way of proving how it fails to hold me back.

    • kraut2

      I see no problem there. I think it is the right thing to do, supporting your family.
      I used to work with a group of non denominational Christians – a commune – and they knew i was an atheist, I was however welcome in their community, I attended service with them for a wedding and kept quiet when they prayed before lunch when we were on the jobsite. We had however very interesting discussions, civilized and accepting.

    • You’re spending time together as a family. And at least this way you have a better idea of what your kids are being taught and which people they are interacting with.

    • I’m all for being respectful in Church, but don’t hide your atheism either. After the service, the religious will come to you and you can answer their questions and foster their doubt. I have foreseen it. 😉

    • Tom More

      Immune to REASON being the necessary ground of reason. Unreasonable. Say your prayers.