• Opponents of same-sex marriage are not bigots!

    Just kidding. Of course they are bigots! They are bigots par excellence.

    But they hate to have to admit this and they hate to be told so. They say that their arguments against same-sex “marriage” — they always put the word in scare quotes — derive from the natural law.

    As if saying it’s from the natural law ends the discussion. First, no, marriage is social not natural. Second, natural law is itself philosophical not natural.

    It does no good to polish up bigotry by calling it natural law. Rather, if the metaphysics behind your precious conception of natural law lead you to bigoted positions, consider that it’s the metaphysics that are in error. You need a different metaphysics.

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    Article by: Larry Tanner

    • steve

      Marriage, aka “holy matrimony” is hardly a thing an atheist should support. To say all opposition to expanding marriage is bigoted is to be blind to the facts. I tend to see the caricatures of religious bigotry as a strawman. There are plenty of single, widowed, divorced parents who pay more and have less rights than their married counterparts, regardless whom they love or don’t love, whom they support, kids or no kids. Marriage has been used as a tool for segregation and for “normal” families for a long time, but it is singleism and biased against all unmarried people.

      People who cannot even consider treating unmarried people equally are every bit as bigoted as these religious caricatures.

      • lartanner

        Your comment was worthy of being dismissed at ‘holy matrimony.’

        • Eshto

          I’d have to agree. Marriage is a contract under our secular law, the legal rights and obligations do not come from any church. Marriage as a human institution is a cross-cultural, worldwide phenomenon that predates Christianity. Steve’s comment seems to show a very fundamental misunderstanding of what ‘marriage’ even is.