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Posted by on Feb 16, 2014 in Morality, Politics, Sexuality | 16 comments

Dale Hansen Defends Michael Sams in Jaw Dropping Speech on Gay NFL Players

What a fantastic commentary here. Excellent. More of that, thanks.

One point which I have made before is that conservative vs liberal politics is inherently incoherent:

Right-wing = tiny government please, and stay out of our lives, apart from when it concerns sexuality and morality and family, in which case let’s regulate the shit out of it so we can get teh gayz and them other morally abhorrent people away from us

Left-wing = controlling government legislating everything, apart from what goes on at home, and morally – basically, anything goes.


What an odd paradox.

  • Luke Breuer

    Focusing on homosexuality over and above murder and rape is evil, regardless of whether homosexuality is a sin. (It’s easier to not have to question the other side’s strongly-held assumptions, at least for a while.)

    • Void L. Walker

      “Regardless of whether homosexuality is a sin”–elaborate a bit more. Is it, or not? Please don’t tell me you’re in the ‘choice’ camp. That has been so thoroughly ravaged by psychologists and experts in human behavior/cognition that to claim otherwise is just fucking stupid (and I’m not saying that you do, but you’re so damn vague sometimes, Luke). IF you believe it is a choice, I would advise doing some research and talking to actual homosexual individuals; I myself am bi, and trust me….not a choice. Then, on top of that, we have the fact that homosexuality has been extensively documented in over 2,000 other non human animals. Okay, enough ranting. I guess I haven’t even heard whether you mark it as a sin or not (and frankly, I don’t think there’s a logical view for you here; I.E, if it is a sin, it’s one that God hardwired into us genetically that is supported by many environmental factors, on the other, if it is not, how do you justify the VERY clear passages in Lev.). Please, by all means, go for it.

    • Void L. Walker

      I do hope I didn’t come off as rude here…I’m kinda a ‘to the point, no bullshit’ sort of guy.

  • Eugen

    How do I celebrate differences between me and gays? How do I celebrate differences between me and fat people? What’s there to celebrate, people?

    • Jonathan MS Pearce

      That’s a pretty good question. The way I would interpret that is that we should celebrate the successful equalisation of rights for people with differences where that should be obtained.