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Islam vs Christianity: the core differences

Posted by on Aug 24, 2014 in Biblical Exegesis, Featured, Islam, Religion and Society, Secularism, Theology | 17 comments

I have articulated this many, many times, but never yet as a full blog post, so here goes. What is it that differentiates the two major world religions, and how does this translate across to the behaviour of their adherents? This is a pretty vital question for understanding the state of affairs with world religions and worldviews, especially in present day context...

Jesus: burial practices and crucifixion

Posted by on Aug 22, 2014 in Atheism, Featured, History, Jesus, Skepticism | 8 comments

I am having a massive debate on my facebook page at the moment with someone from the Unbelievable forum, which I have now left (tiring of the time-wasting silliness of some of the posters) about the Roman/Jewish burial practices after crucifixion with regard to Jesus' death. Here is my latest comment on the thread: Ok, so here is what I think. First, it is important to note that I take a sort of Bayesian approach; that being, the most plausible hypothesis should be taken to be the most likely to be true, and this involves evidence, prior probability and background knowledge.

Steve Novella on consciousness: dualism is the new evolution for theists (Part 1)

Posted by on Aug 14, 2014 in Consciousness, Creationism, Evolution, Featured, Philosophy | 67 comments

I was listening to a Reasonable Doubts podcast from a few years ago, and it was, as ever, cracking. This one was about consciousness, its hard problem, dualism, and how it, and neuroscience, are being co-opted as a philosophical area to argue for the "God of the Gaps" style argument in the same vein as evolution in the creationist and intelligent design movements.