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Hell ain’t nothing without Satan

Posted by on Feb 21, 2015 in Atheism, Books, Featured, God's Characteristics, Hell | 5 comments

One of my published works, The Little Book Of Unholy Questions, is a romp through the cumulative case against God set out as 501 leading questions, supported by commentary introducing and closing each section. After my section on Hell, I look briefly at the idea of Satan, who is nothing more than a middle management executive working on behalf of God.

Chapel Hill: Perspective

Posted by on Feb 17, 2015 in Atheism, Extremism, Featured, Morality | 2 comments

I admittedly don’t know an awful lot about the incident at Chapel Hill whereby an atheist gunned down three Muslims. As a skeptic, questions automatically come to mind, such as, given the notion that a lack of belief in a deity isn’t really enough content as a proposition to cause any action other than disbelief, then what really were the extra causal factors and motives behind the killings? There are many similar questions and discussions to be had.

My zombie book – the progress

Posted by on Feb 16, 2015 in Books | 0 comments

I wrote a post some time back which detailed my plans on writing a zombie fiction book which should hopefully include a good deal of philosophy. Well, here is a rough prologue to the book (called Survival of the Fittest – Metamorphosis) which I posted some time ago. I am now 70,000 words through the project, which will likely finish between 90,000 and 100,000 words.

Dealing with replies to my free market skepticism posts

Posted by on Feb 15, 2015 in Economics, Education, Featured, Morality, Philosophy, Politics, Skepticism | 81 comments

This chap (to whom the series was directed), Scotty M, has replied to some of my points in the series on Free Market Economics. Unfortunately, he would rather rabidly bash away at You Tube than bring a civil discussion here.

The most common issue that Scotty faces is his predilection for straw manning positions by either misunderstanding them or wilfully employing some kind of bait and switch or intended mischaracterisation to fight against an imaginary foe.

Why Science Tells Us Not to Rely on Eyewitness Accounts

Posted by on Feb 14, 2015 in Jesus, Science | 2 comments

The Scientific American reports on the dodginess of eyewitness testimony. This is interesting in light of Gospel apologetics which claim that either the disciples were eyewitnesses or that eyewitnesses in general are reliable.

IN 1984 KIRK BLOODSWORTH was convicted of the rape and murder of a nine-year-old girl and sentenced to the gas chamber—an outcome that rested largely on the testimony of five eyewitnesses.

On the Skepticism of Free Market Economics (part 3): free market success stories

Posted by on Feb 12, 2015 in Economics, Featured, Morality, Philosophy, Politics | 1 comment

Buckle up, this is another sizeable piece…

In this series looking skeptically at libertarian claims of free market capitalism being the holy grail of all of reality, I have come to the section where I cast a skeptical eye over some of the more common claims of libertarians. The claim appears to be that free market economics is responsible for the success of certain countries. I would like to set out here that, whilst this is true to some extent, it is not so obviously the case. Remember from previous posts, I am not advocating some kind of communist collectivism.

On the Skepticism of Free Market Economics (part 2): No True Capitalism

Posted by on Feb 9, 2015 in Economics, Featured, Morality, Philosophy, Politics | 5 comments

Perhaps I should call this article the No True Capitalism Apart From When It Suits ME. As I shall explain.

I have written a previous and lengthy piece to this debunking certain myths and pointing out certain problems with free market economics in its most fundamental ideal. This is all a result of a thread on a You Tube video which involved a somewhat hysterical libertarian who, aside from rude and immature snide remarks or open insults, and who invoked Danth’s Law at every possible moment, made myriad claims about capitalism, free market economics, corporatism and socialism.

Scientists pledge to increase interference with the Church

Posted by on Feb 5, 2015 in Church, Religion and Society, Science, Science and religion | 2 comments

Usually, you expect biting satire to come from The Onion, or Private Eye. this unexpected piece of genius comes from the Guardian in response to the meddling of churches and religious organisations recently to the proposed law changes to allow three-parent families relevant to mitochondrial donation. The church was deemed irresponsible for trying to sway politicians on the matter.

UKIP Christian group: Manchester Pride is a ‘parade of depravity’

Posted by on Feb 4, 2015 in Equality, Politics, Religion and Society, Sexuality | 0 comments

UKIP, The British, but more popular version of the Tea Party, is stooping to new lows, as if that was possible. One of their authorised group, a Christian group whose tag line is “Fighting through Christ for deliverance form EU tyranny”, has made declarations about homosexuality and Manchester’s gay Pride event which seem right out of a previous century. This is from The Pink News (H/T Matthew Coussell through via Hope Not Hate):