• Article by: Reasonably Faithless

    Mathematician and former Christian
    • Matt Davis

      Hah! You got me! I clicked on this link thinking I was going to get a plausible argument against the fine tuning arguments. Apparently there are none. (Sigh)

      • Thanks for stopping by, and sorry to disappoint! Actually, that’s on my list of things to write about when I can find the time. Do you have a favourite version of the fine tuning argument that you’d like to see a response to?

        • Matt Davis

          Ok, check out this from Robin Collins. I think the article is well thought out and thorough enough to help us understand just how probably true the intelligent design hypothesis is. My favorite thus far. Obviously it does not point to a specific designer per se, but the God of the Bible fits the bill. This argument is meant to establish that a universe that has as finely tuned properties as ours is most probably the creation of a highly intelligent, highly powerful mind. The argument for the Christian God must also appeal to our knowledge of Jesus Christ, where we also find strong arguments.