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Posted by on Nov 22, 2013 | 2 comments

Friday Jihad round up

Russian Muslim moppets dress up as jihadis.  I’m sure this is just one of those “hate sites” my colleague is all upset about.

Jihadists return in force to Mali.

Somali woman and journalist arrested for reporting rape.

Christian teen forced to covert to Islam or die.

British Muslims “Our aim is to create a caliphate – it wasn’t taught to me that Islam is peace and there’s no fighting.”  Oh, really?

Surprise me : “Radicals’ use of Islamic charities continues in South Asia”

Make a documentary about forced marriage in Islam, and get some Muslima whining about it.  Never mind the long history of Islamic oppression of women, or that taking sex slaves is permitted by the Koran and Mohammed’s example.

Islam’s views on freedom of women have not changed.

What Europe’s far-right parties can learn from Islam”.  Usual drivel, but they’re learning alright.  How do you think we got Breivik?

SABC journalist disciplined for linking Islam to terror attacks, and Kuwaiti journalist is given five years for “insulting Muhammad”. 

Jihad gunmen in Kashmir.

Murderers of colonel became more Islamic prior to this.

Jihadist behind volgograd suicide bombing killed.

Al Qaeda has become “hydra headed”.  Because people will not acknowledge that the root of Islamic terrorism is Islam.

America finally cooperates in fighting the Jihad in Nigeria. 

Jihad attack in China, 11 dead. 

Jihadis kill eight Shia in Pakistan.  Wonder if we can get Pakistan and Iran to nuke each other instead of the rest of us…

“Stop funding PA until it stops funding terrorism”.  Better: “stop funding PA”, period.

New Strains of Terrorism.

Having made a mess in Libya, the US is training the new gov’t in stopping ‘terrorism’.  This seems likely to work.

“Brits will only be safe from terrorism if civil liberties are eroded”.  Hey, genius, how about naming the problem by its right name first, before you start talking about abrogating our rights?

Gatwick jihadist on trial.

Bombing following the “Afghan security agreement”. 

Muslim converts in court over Woolwich killing.

Tunisian jihadists fighting in Syria.  Wonder how this is the fault of the US.

French hostage escapes jihadists.

Al Shabaab urging further terror attacks in Britain.

German footballer dies in Syria after joining the jihad. 

23 killed, 146 wounded in the Sunni-Shia jihad in Lebanon.  

Reza Aslan called out on his “Islamophobia” bullshit. 

Tunisian women arrested following “sexual jihad”

Three Somali jihadists sentenced in San Diego.

12 Jihadists hung in Iraq.

“Defender of Islam” wins election in the Maldives.  Now some people think that being willing to make use of democracy means that they are okay with human rights.  We will see…  Apparently this “raises fears of return of hardline Islam”.

US student beaten for drinking in a Muslim neighborhood.

“British Muslims seek to combat extremism”.  Bridge for sale alert!

Town hall meeting warns against ‘political Islam‘.

“Imam Hussain rendered great sacrifice for Islam” – Pakistani Ulema member. Hoo-boy.

Hizb ut-Tahrir whingeing that Australia is “at war with Islam”.  Oh, I wish.  If Australia, let alone the rest of the West were genuinely at war with Islam, this would be over.

Boko Haram “taking slave brides”.  In line with the example of Mohammed, but don’t let that bother you.

Americans ‘have made up a new Islam’ – unfortunately, no one but starry eyed infidels believes in it.

Smarkand resident sentenced for propagating Shi’ite Islam (this is in Sunni Majority Izbekistan).

Mehdi Hasan is trying to claim that child marriage is not Islamic.  And that Aisha wasn’t 9 when Muhammad slept with her.  Here’s an in depth discussion, and one hopes that it is accepted.

Mystical Islam “under threat” in Pakistan.  Take a wild guess from whom.

A discussion of the exact ways in which infidel lives are considered not as valuable as Muslim lives.

Al-Shabaab – Somali educational improvements undermine Islam.  True; women’s education is the achilles heel of Islam.

Danish-Palestinian poet and critic of Islam assaulted.

Terror in Islam’s name fuels Islamophobia.  FINALLY someone get’s it, and that someone is, of all people, the Turkish President Gul – the Islamist President Gul.

“Professor educates students about the nonviolent history of Islam“.  Hooh-boy, that’ll be some creative rewriting.

Britons fighting in Syria talk of bringing jihad back home.  Anyone surprised by this, feel like a fool.

Briton ‘doing his duty’ by fighitng for group linked to al-Qaeda in Syria. They said it.

Islamic Jihad warns Gaza ceasefire could end.  Like I’m surprised.

“Protests are useless” jihad movement leader” – if you think that Libyan civil war was bad, the Egyptian one is going to be way worse.

Dreaming of Europe, Sweden and the jihad.

Displaced kids flock to myanmar madrasssa.  Oh, this is going to get bad.

It’s not being a Jewish artist in a Muslim land.

“Muslim schoolchildren mistakenly served chocolate mousse containing forbidden animal pork”.  The humanity! This is what Muslims in infidel lands have to face.  Know what infidels in Muslim lands have to face.

Muslim brotherhood ‘stole’ Egypt’s election, says John Kerry.  I wish it were that simple.

Iran’s terrorism problem.

Africa-Arab summit ends with terrorism focus.  Given what they got up to in Darfur, the second half of that party has some nerve.

Kenyan counter-terrorism officials are accused of extra-judicicial killings and other abuses in counter-jihad.  I did say that the jihadists would start pissing off people who aren’t as nice as Euro-Americans.

Nigerian Army, air force train special forces for counter-insurgency operations.  Almost certainly Boko Haram.

Karzai tells Afghan loya jihad that US is not be trusted, new agreement junk.

US drone hits islamic seminary in Pakistan, killing two jihadis.

Nuclear negotiations merely a maneuver to reach Islamic goal.  What too many in the West don’t get is that Iran needs those nukes, not just against Israel, but against the surrounding Sunni states who will poounce when Iran meets its demographic destiny.

Pope francis speaks up about Middle Eastern Christians.

Iran launches ‘Massive’ war drills codenamed “against Jerusalem”.

Try to advocate for religious freedom in the Sudan and be forced to flee the country.




  • NoCrossNoCrescent

    Of interest on wonderful Uzbekistan: just like Mongolia having a proud statute of Genghis Khan, they have a statute of their favorite son Timur, who, according to estimates, took the lives of 5% of humanity of his day. He (and his descendants) played a very big part in the spread of Islam in South Asia. Hence it may be argued that his legacy (religious divisions on Indian subcontinent, specifically Kashmir) lives on. Thanks a lot Uzbekistan.

    • ThePrussian

      Ah, yes. “Timur the Cruel”. His history can be read in part in “The Monks of Kublai Khan”…