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Posted by on Nov 14, 2013 | 2 comments

“Where our ancestors failed at the Gates of Vienna…

We will succeed through our wit.”


That quote comes from Cem Ozdemir, the representative of the German Green Party in the Bundestag (h/t Sabatina James).

I’d like to examine it for a moment because this simple little statement says a great deal.  The first thing is that it expresses a clear intent to conquer Europe.  The second is that it links this intention clearly with the historic record of Jihad.  The third is that, as representative of one of the larger parties in Germany, this is not the extreme, but the mainstream.

Now taken together these three are quite staggering.  You can search as you will, but you will find no parallel to it in modern political discourse.  No one in the German parliament stands up and says it is time for Germany to reclaim its lands to the East, let alone talk about retaking its historic colonies in Africa.  No one in the British parliament speaks of rebuilding the Empire.  Not even the BNP talks like this.

But a Muslim leader of a mainstream party in Germany, does.

Despite many, including my colleague Arizona Atheist, persist in claiming that resistance to the jihad is Western Imperialism.  It is nothing of the sort.  This is about resisting imperialism.  It is about defending our own countries and our own societies from the menace of jihad. And, yes, that means making common cause with all those who are fighting the same thing.


  • NoCrossNoCrescent

    It takes a little bit of familiarity with Islamist language to understand the meaning of such statements though, and that is rather rare. I probably wouldn’t understand this or “Muslims are but one body” myself if I hadn’t lived with them for a couple of decades.

  • Ann

    There is a well-known problem with looking into the abyss.

    Many times during wars (like any other cultural mixing), the opposing sides begin to resemble each other. During WW II, we didn’t have to wait for Hitler to conquer us before we built concentration camps of our very own. We conquered ourselves.

    These alarming maneuvers on the part of militant Islam will — like Communism — take us a century to defeat. But defeat it we will.
    And one of the reasons we are certain to win is the existence of those cherished ideals that Arizona Atheist is insisting on — as long as there are plenty of Arizona Atheists to keep on insisting on them.

    We will naturally find plenty of hard-noses who will set up black ops, and off-shore prisons, and flying death robots — and probably we couldn’t win without those as well.

    But we are looking into the abyss here, and it is looking back.
    We have to remain steadfastly adherent to our core values, as expressed by Arizona Atheist, or in that staring contest with the enemy’s core values, we will be the ones that blinked.

    The whole reason WE are the good guys and THEY are the enemy is the purity and sincerity (even when stressed) of our moral principles and democratic ideals, and the strength and power we reap from them. For example, gven the chance, the victims of Islam instantly adopt the values and lifestyle of the West.

    Either our values are crucial “all the time” and “in principle” — and not just “when convenient” — or we shouldn’t really be defending them.