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Posted by on Apr 2, 2013 in Critical Thinking, Skeptic Ink News and Report, skepticism | 1 comment

JREF 2013 Pigasus Awards Announced

James Randi has announced this year’s winners. The Pigasus awards highlight some of the worst people in our country each year. Professional frauds whose endeavors not only undermine critical & rational thought, but that also prey upon the vulnerable. The cost is sometimes vast amounts of money, and sometimes human life and suffering as people fail to get proper medical treatment in lieu of a sham cure or use a product that harms them physically or emotionally. Sometimes I think there ought to be a law… but on to this years winners. Watch the video below where Randi lists the offences or read the full JREF article here.

James Randi “presenting”:

  • MosesZD

    Dr. Oz is facing reality. He can say any sort of horseshit that comes to his mind and make millions and millions of dollars a year while saying it. Beats medicine any day…