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Agnosticism vs atheism, redux
Jacques Rousseau Jacques Rousseau 6 months ago

John Lennox - mathematician and Christian apologist - is in town again, and giving talks at UCT, Stellenbosch and in Johannesburg. I've twice had the pleasure¬†(or at least, experience) of chatting to him at length regarding his views on whether there… Read More

A discussion on some basic principles of argumentation
Jacques Rousseau Jacques Rousseau 7 months ago

Earlier today, a friend and (rather popular!) radio host invited me into the studio for a half-hour conversation on critical thinking - how we should do it, and how we fail. For those interested in the topic, the Soundcloud podcast is embedded below.… Read More

The Responsible Believer - my #TAM2014 talk
Jacques Rousseau Jacques Rousseau 7 months ago

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to present a paper at The Amaz!ng Meeting, held in Las Vegas. Here's the YouTube video of my presentation, with the text pasted below that. It addresses concerns I have regarding epistemic humility and prud… Read More

Children, religion, and distinguishing fact from fiction
Jacques Rousseau Jacques Rousseau 8 months ago

Even if children exposed to religion have difficulty distinguishing fact from fiction, do we know that this is a problem? Not on the basis of a study that's currently doing the (misrepresentation) rounds. Read More

Has #trolleyology gone off the rails?
Jacques Rousseau Jacques Rousseau 8 months ago

Is the philosophical thought experiment known as the trolley problem worthless in understanding psychology? Not if a qualifying criterion is realism, no. Read More


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