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On Pew's Global report on morality
Jacques Rousseau Jacques Rousseau 8 hours ago

The results of the Pew Global Attitudes Survey on Morality indicate that South Africa might not be as morally conservative as some might think it is. Read More

John Edward is coming to eat your brain
Jacques Rousseau Jacques Rousseau 16 hours ago

Originally published in the Daily Maverick Somewhere out there, a reader named Sally has just suffered a terrible loss. Or maybe it’s Samantha, or Sarah – anyway, something that has an “s” sound in it. Her husband – actually, perhaps only a family… Read More

Liberal bullying can still be bullying
Jacques Rousseau Jacques Rousseau 3 weeks ago

CEO of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, recently resigned after pressure resulting from his support of Prop 8. Did he lose his job for being a Christian? Read More

Ken Ham is concerned about Aronofsky's "psychopathic Noah"
Jacques Rousseau Jacques Rousseau 4 weeks ago

A few nights ago, Ken Ham and a few of his fundie friends went to go and watch Aronofsky's new film, an adaptation of the Biblical story of Noah. Ham's blog makes his attitude toward the film clear - it's "disgusting", "evil", and left him feeling "u… Read More

The debate on secular arguments for abortion
Jacques Rousseau Jacques Rousseau 1 month ago

While there's no question regarding a woman's autonomy in the abortion debate, that has nothing to do with who can express a view. Read More

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