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Liberal bullying can still be bullying
Jacques Rousseau Jacques Rousseau 2 weeks ago

CEO of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, recently resigned after pressure resulting from his support of Prop 8. Did he lose his job for being a Christian? Read More

Ken Ham is concerned about Aronofsky's "psychopathic Noah"
Jacques Rousseau Jacques Rousseau 3 weeks ago

A few nights ago, Ken Ham and a few of his fundie friends went to go and watch Aronofsky's new film, an adaptation of the Biblical story of Noah. Ham's blog makes his attitude toward the film clear - it's "disgusting", "evil", and left him feeling "u… Read More

The debate on secular arguments for abortion
Jacques Rousseau Jacques Rousseau 4 weeks ago

While there's no question regarding a woman's autonomy in the abortion debate, that has nothing to do with who can express a view. Read More

Trigger warnings - civility and the risk of infantilization
Jacques Rousseau Jacques Rousseau 1 month ago

While the motivation behind trigger warnings is sound, the over-application of these warnings runs the risk of diminishing our own responsibilities in how we engage with ideas in the world. Read More

Ugandan homophobia & the 'mercenary' gays
Jacques Rousseau Jacques Rousseau 2 months ago

Three years ago, Uganda's Ethics and Integrity Minister Nsaba Buturo observed that "killing them [gay people] might not be helpful". The death sentence was indeed dropped from the bill that now awaits President Yoweri Museveni's signature, after havi… Read More

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