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Agnosticism vs atheism, redux
Jacques Rousseau Jacques Rousseau 11 months ago

John Lennox - mathematician and Christian apologist - is in town again, and giving talks at UCT, Stellenbosch and in Johannesburg. I've twice had the pleasure¬†(or at least, experience) of chatting to him at length regarding his views on whether there… Read More

A discussion on some basic principles of argumentation
Jacques Rousseau Jacques Rousseau 11 months ago

Earlier today, a friend and (rather popular!) radio host invited me into the studio for a half-hour conversation on critical thinking - how we should do it, and how we fail. For those interested in the topic, the Soundcloud podcast is embedded below.… Read More

The Responsible Believer - my #TAM2014 talk
Jacques Rousseau Jacques Rousseau 11 months ago

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to present a paper at The Amaz!ng Meeting, held in Las Vegas. Here's the YouTube video of my presentation, with the text pasted below that. It addresses concerns I have regarding epistemic humility and prud… Read More

Children, religion, and distinguishing fact from fiction
Jacques Rousseau Jacques Rousseau 12 months ago

Even if children exposed to religion have difficulty distinguishing fact from fiction, do we know that this is a problem? Not on the basis of a study that's currently doing the (misrepresentation) rounds. Read More

Has #trolleyology gone off the rails?
Jacques Rousseau Jacques Rousseau 1 year ago

Is the philosophical thought experiment known as the trolley problem worthless in understanding psychology? Not if a qualifying criterion is realism, no. Read More


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