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Posted by on Mar 7, 2014 in Atheism, featured, Hell | 9 comments

Heaven or Hell: I Choose Hell

WorshipMeA day doesn’t go by when some Christian doesn’t “warns” me about the looming threat of eternal torture which is sure to await me if I continue to 1. Lack a belief in their God and 2. Not worship their God. These are two separate issues and yet Christians only try to address the first of these demands.

Christians often try to prove the existence of their God, but few if any try to make the case for why I should worship their God – especially considering that they make a point to “warn” me about that threat of eternal torture. It seems that most of these Christians seem to think that the threat alone should convince me to worship their God. This prompts me to wonder how these same Christians would respond to threats of torture in the real world.

If some tyrant here in reality were to demand to be worshiped under the threat of physical torture, would these same Christians simply bow their heads and start worshiping? At the risk of invoking Godwin’s Law, I want to point out that in Nazi Germany, Hitler was all-powerful. In Nazi Germany, Hitler was God.

A Christian recently told me that he “sure hopes” that I don’t end up in Hell. This Christian believes that an all-powerful deity very much might allow me to be tortured for all eternity if I don’t worship him. Or worse, that this deity would actively send me to Hell to be eternally tortured. Oddly enough, this Christian knowing that those who refuse to worship this deity will be tortured for all eternity has chosen to worship and praise such a deity. What does that say about the moral character of this Christian? Or any Christian who believes in the concept of Hell? This is why I often tell Christians who “hope” I don’t go to Hell, that I hope that I do go to Hell. If their God exists, it would be more moral to stand up against such an immoral deity than it would to worship such a deity for my eternal reward. Just as I think it wrong to collaborate with Nazis, it would be wrong to collaborate with God.


  1. This reminds me of a point I’ve wanted to share here. This blog seems like the best of your articles for my comment. (*Wanna skip through to my main point? Look down for the *.)

    I believe that I am now an atheist. I wasn’t always. I was, like many, born into the Catholic Church. I was an altar boy and was certain to become a priest as a childhood dream. But, my disillusionment began when I was an adolescent, too hungover from last nights party to make it to Sunday Mass.

    When I quit drinking in my early 20’s I tried to rekindle my relationship with the church. I also joined AA – whole ‘nuther concept of the ‘higher power’. Well that failed, the church part. The AA part kept me sober for 20 years.

    During that time I got myself baptized as a Mormon, Unity School of Christianity, Methodist and another born again church. I also quit that and in 2009 attempted once more to return to the Catholic Church. In January of 2013 I was in a crisis and prayed so hard for a sign or response to what for me was a huge crisis but really on the outside was a trivial matter. But I became so aware of dead silence in my praying. From that point onward until know I realized that all through my life I was ‘acting as if’ and it never became manifest with true faith. I knew that this was my best option. My emotional and mental health were at stake because I was filled with guilt, shame, insecurity, temptation and evil thoughts.

    Since then I have been healthier in my mind. I am more relaxed and less dependent on others as well as prayer. The word hope means something different today Having Optimistic Positive Expectations = HOPE for me.

    *My main point and question is this:
    I have been ‘saved’ multiple times. I earnestly tried to believe at those times and with emotionalism had some euphoric moments. But the real kicker is that according to Jesus Christ, if I offered up my soul to His Salvation I was truly saved forever. So, since He wasn’t about to get back up on the cross for me (because He didn’t need to) I am saved. He never breaks His promises – right?

    Now I am an atheist – a person who lacks belief in (for me) all things spiritual. I am banking on science and facts in my life. Only hunches I live by are from my own intellect.

    But, just in case I am wrong, there is no reason why if all those religious Christians are right, that I will be in heaven for sure. I haven’t renounced that what I believed. I announce that I now lack belief.

    So either way, I’ll die and be gone forever or go to heaven forever – it’s got to be a Win-Win.

    Anything comments?

    • Kind of an Anti-Pascal’s wager I think. ‘If your God is worth worshiping then there’s no need to believe in him since any decent deity would save me just the same.’

  2. God does not “send people to hell” for not worshiping him. YOU chose hell, not God. If you, in reality, sent your son to be crucified to save people, and those people mocked, beat, spit on, and lied about your son, would you want them in eternity with you? The Bible states clearly that God desires all people to be saved. Evil cannot exist in the presence of God. YOU chose your fate. It’s not by God’s choice that people go to hell. YOU owe that to yourself and your hatred and animosity toward him.

    • Thanks for your comment Loren. I actually mentioned that many Christians merely believe that God allows us to be tortured for all eternity. So I agree with you that not all Christians believe God sends people to Hell. Still, God does allow it. He did (according to Christianity) design the whole system. If God desire is for people not to be tortured for all eternity, he could simply make that happen. He is all-powerful… allegedly. Now you are claiming that God, like Superman, does have one weakness. I guess Evil is God’s Kyrponite… and by evil I mean anything that displeases God.

      Here is the thing, I can’t really make an informed choice because I don’t have any evidence that any of this story is real. In fact, the evidence points against the existence of God and this whole mythology. But like I said in the blog post, if I could choose, I would choose Hell. I can’t in good conscience worship a deity that has to power to prevent billions of people from being tortured for all eternity (which I hear is a pretty long time) but doesn’t. Considering that this God allegedly created this whole system, it seems pretty immoral to worship such a deity. So yeah, I choose Hell and you should too.

      • There are two senses of hell, one is where satan and his followers were sent for eternity, the other is the temporary abode in the spirit world for those who were disobedient in mortality. In this sense, hell has an end. The spirits there will be taught the gospel, and sometime following their repentance they will be resurrected to a degree of glory of which they are worthy. Those who will not repent, but are nevertheless not sons of perdition, will remain in hell throughout the Millennium. After these thousand years of torment, they will be resurrected to a telestial glory.

          • You are choosing Hell because you are choosing to disobey God. The problem you are making is that you think questioning the ideas of an all-wise God makes sense. Of course God is going to do things you don’t understand, because everyone knows a lot less than he does.

            The second thing is that you think Hell is a better idea, because you think God doesn’t deserve worship. My first point describes this jist of this one: If you don’t understand why an all-wise and loving God would do something, it means that you yourself are not all-wise and loving.

            In other words, saying “Why would an all-wise, loving God do something like that?”, is saying that you have the wisdom and love

          • Is saying that you have the wisdom and love, to judge someone who is all-wise and all-loving, which you don’t.

    • Bullsh!t. I’m not choosing “Hell”, nor is anybody else! I choose to reincarnate as Hugh Hefner after I die. And if I get your “Hell” instead, then I DIDN’T get what I chose, did I? How can I be said to have chosen “Hell” if I chose something else?
      Also, how can I have spit on or beaten up Jesus, considering I’ve never met him (and strongly suspect he never even existed?) How can I lie about Jesus, if I honestly don’t believe there are any truths written about him?

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