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‘No-Go Zones’ In America!

Posted by in Atheism, featured, Religion, Violence | 7 comments

The sad fact is that there really are “No-Go Zones” all over the world; even in America. But it is theists that are restricting freedom of non-theists. There are plenty of places in America and the rest of the world where being an open atheist invites violence from “peace-loving” religious believers.

Violence Equals Cowardice!

Posted by in Atheism, Belief, featured, Islam, Religion, Skepticism, Violence | 8 comments

Fundamentalist religious believers went on a shooting rampage in Paris apparently over a cartoon poking fun at the Muslim prophet Mohammad — intolerance be upon him. While reading up on this breaking story, I saw a 2012 quote from Charlie Hebdo journalist Laurent Leger. The quote reads, “You don’t throw bombs, you discuss, you debate. But you don’t act violently. We have to stand and resist pressure from extremism.”

Batman’s Real Super Power Revealed

Posted by in Atheism, featured, Geek Stuff, Logic, Philosophy, secularism | 0 comments

If you could be any superhero, you should always choose Batman. It is a basic law of comic book geekery. In a fight between Batman and pretty anyone, Batman always wins. Batman is a detective who researches his adversary, finds their weakness, and figures out how to exploit it. While he cannot fly, doesn’t have heat vision, can’t command the fish with telepathy, or have any other supernatural abilities, he does have the super power of logic.