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More Atheists Should Be Doing This!

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When I think of what kinds of things atheists should be doing to change the way the general public perceives us, I will now be thinking of people like Jaclyn Glenn. In a recent YouTube video she and her friends went out on the streets of LA for two days to raise money for Children’s Hospital. The catch is that on the first day they had a sign saying they were doing it on behalf of the United Methodists and on the second day, they had a sign saying they were doing it on behalf of the United Atheists. Check it out:

The Pamphlet Project

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The other day, I was picking up some fast food. When I returned to my car, I noticed that the car next to mine had the window open and there was a woman sitting inside. I smiled politely at her and might have even said hello as I unlocked my car door. It was at that moment when she extended her hand to give me a pamphlet.

9-11 and Political Correctness

Posted by in 9/11, Atheist Infighting, featured, Free Speech, Skepticism, Social Justice | 3 comments

I’m a pretty progressive person, but there is one thing that I think many of my fellow liberals get wrong. Maybe it is because I am a former radio talk show person, but I never liked political correctness. I see it as the enemy of free speech and free expression. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that words have power and there are consequences for saying certain things, but I also think that humor – dark humor in particular – can have a healing quality to it. The down side is that dark humor sometimes is politically incorrect and taken out of context might offend the very people it seeks to heal.

Dear Theists, Why Are We Here?

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As an atheist, I get asked about the First Cause constantly despite the fact that any theist could just Google it and learn that the First Cause Argument was refuted hundreds of years ago. Not only that, but it has been refuted in multiple different ways. Still, religious believers will question atheists on this and insert their poor interpretation of what an atheist’s answer might be.