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Black Thursday

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The day after Thanksgiving is when all the retail stores used to start their super sales. I used to love waking up at 3am (or just not going to sleep) and waiting in line for the latest deals. I didn’t really care about the deals themselves most of the time; I just liked the adventure of it all. But now the adventure is gone. Black Friday has been moved back to Black Thursday – also known as Thanksgiving.

Election Day: The Exciting Midterms

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Election Day is like the Super Bowl to me. I love them and now that my term as Minority Election Inspector is up, I thought I would be able to relax this Election Day. Nope, I am now a Democratic Party Committee Person for district and so I will be out there pushing a few of candidates and making sure the Republicans aren’t up to no-good. Despite my heavy involvement here in the suburbs of Philadelphia, I am more interested in what is going on in Arizona on Election Day.