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Dear Theists, Why Are We Here?

Posted by in Atheism, featured, God, Philosophy | 3 comments

As an atheist, I get asked about the First Cause constantly despite the fact that any theist could just Google it and learn that the First Cause Argument was refuted hundreds of years ago. Not only that, but it has been refuted in multiple different ways. Still, religious believers will question atheists on this and insert their poor interpretation of what an atheist’s answer might be.

Shifting the Political Landscape in Support of Atheists

Posted by in Atheism, featured, Humanism, Politics, secularism | 2 comments

If you are an atheist and care about politics, then you really need to support Arizona congressional candidate James Woods. He is the Democratic challenger against a Republican incumbent in a heavily Republican district. On the plus side, he is doing everything right. He isn’t running from his atheism like most politicians in his position. He is actively using his humanist values as a positive.

God Didn’t Foresee Fundamentalists

Posted by in Atheism, Femnism, God, Progressive Christians | 16 comments

I often criticize and argue against religious fundamentalists because I think there are more of them than people realize and that they wield a great deal of political power in this country. However, many religious criticize me and other atheists for “picking low hanging fruit.” They claim that we aren’t arguing against “real” Christians and that fundamentalists have religion all wrong. That’s interesting, because it seems that God in his all-knowingness couldn’t foresee that fundamentalists would or could “twist” his message so easily.

Where Will Society Be In 100 Years?

Posted by in Atheist Activism, Christianity, End of Days, featured, Global Climate Change, secularism, The Future | 4 comments

One hundred years from now we will be dead but it is entirely probable that our children may still be alive. I say “probable” and “may” because it really depends in large part to who wins the culture war. For simplicity sake, let’s look at the two opposing worldviews and see which one offers the best hope for our future.