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  • Christian Kemp

    Good movie but two problems. Bruce Lee was not an atheist he was a taoist I believe or some other type of mystic/spirit/hippie religion. Lance Armstrong has got stripped of his medals due to been a doper and well just a bad person.

    Still the movie is great

  • ArizonaAtheist

    Thanks for the comment, Christian. Bruce Lee was certainly a spiritual person of sorts, but he was an atheist. In John Little’s The Warrior Within: The Philosophies of Bruce Lee, he writes, “When asked by a journalist Alex Ben Block in the summer of 1972 what his religious affiliation was, Lee answered: ‘None whatsoever.’ Block then pressed him further, asking him if he then
    believed in God: ‘To be perfectly frank, I really do not.’” (p.128)

    I don’t think Armstrong is a bad person. I do not doubt that most people in most sports are “doping.” They just haven’t been caught yet. My opinion is divided on whether or not it would even constitute cheating.