What Hitchens never said about Iran

After seeing how these people bash Richard Dawkins almost just for being alive, and how they sistematically smear Sam Harris, no wonder they waited for Hitchens to die — with their fragile egos, they wouldn’t have survived a Hitchslap in response.


A ‘good’ Quran?

If, in order to avoid killings for any trifle, the book with instructions on how to treat each other requires longer comments than the very instructions, it isn’t a useful tool in the first place.


It’s time to stop tiptoeing around Islam

I’m sorry, I won’t tiptoe around Islam or any other superstition with a sacred book that literally advocates for the suffering of others, I won’t give any irrational beliefs special treatment — that’s religious privilege, and those who endulge it have a share of responsability in the state of affairs today.